The question that has probably crossed your mind, or will most likely cross your mind if you are ever thinking about eating out in a restaurant, is whether you should go for the traditional Italian restaurant in Rome or the more contemporary New York style restaurant in Soho. There are actually several different types of restaurant that you could go to on your holiday to Italy. The short and long is simply that these options represent the most traditional types of Italian restaurants that you will find when you travel to Italy. So the real answer lies in what you are in the mood for and what sort of restaurant you are looking to eat in. First off, let’s talk about what Italian food means. If you go to Italy, you are almost certain to find some sort of traditional Italian restaurant that offers a good taste of pasta, pizzas and meats cooked in a particular way, such as baking or grilling. However, the reason why most people go to a traditional Italian restaurant is because they want to eat in one with a good, homey feeling. You will most likely find that traditional Italian restaurants do not offer a lot of different menus, so the most popular options would be the ones that feature the same type of dishes over again. Of course, this type of restaurant isn’t quite as common as you might imagine and most people opt for the more contemporary restaurants that have a wide range of interesting, exciting dishes to try. If you want a more modern restaurant that offers a variety of different foods, you should definitely consider going to an Italian chain restaurant. They have a wide variety of different choices to offer and you will find that there is often an element of fun and games involved with eating out at these restaurants as well. However, if you want to be able to order as many different things as you like and feel that you have a lot more freedom over the food that you eat, then you should look to a New York style restaurant instead. These restaurants will not only have a wide array of different dishes to choose from, but you also have the option of ordering a variety of different appetizers, desserts and drinks. In essence, the restaurant that you go to on your holiday to Italy could very well be your choice between a traditional Italian restaurant, a New York style restaurant or even the casual restaurant.